About the Rustic Farm in Connecticut

Self-sufficiency was Tim Currier‘s primary goal when be bought the 60-acre farm in Newtown, CT 30 years ago. A farmer and stone mason by trade, Currier envisioned several ongoing farming ventures to make the property pay its way. He would harvest wood from his woodlot, and lichen and moss-clad rock for his specialty masonry business. But he also dreamed of a day when Sticks and Stones Farm could be shared with people who craved solitude and reflection, whether they were artists, athletes or nature lovers.  It is an alcohol, smoke and drug free environment, fostering healthy life style choices.

Sticks and Stones Farm has successfully preserved its pocket of rural America in an area that is losing its farms at a frightening pace. It remains “a piece of Maine – in Connecticut,” as Tim puts it, all within easy driving distance of New York, Providence, RI, and Boston. As Sticks and Stones Farm evolved, Currier built roads, irrigation, composting and solar systems, and several cabins created from natural materials. It is the perfect environment for a community of artists and craftsmen, naturalists, and environmentalists to converge and flourish.

The farm lies fallow in the winter, resting for the burst of activity that accompanies the arrival of spring. The woods are still and peaceful while at the same time home to beavers, muskrats, ducks, & hawks, owls, turtles, racoon, deer, fox, and coyote. Walk the steep roads carved into the hills and become aware of all that is ongoing in the woods. Follow the tracks of the raccoon and white-tailed deer. Smell the green of the dense moss after a rainfall. Listen for the plaintive call of the coyotes at night.

Life on Sticks and Stones Farm is plentiful and ongoing. It truly is a rustic farm in Connecticut.

Rustic Farm in Connecticut - Trail Map

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