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Aloha Friends,

Wednesday, October 28th, 2009

Welcome to the newest addition to our web page. Though there isn’t much to look at right now, there soon will. I get asked by guests quite frequently, what I do with all the pictures I am always taking (like, uh I have 11,000 of them over the last year). This is where I will get to display them. (Don’t worry, not ALL of them) Tim and I are in completion mode here at the farm over the next few weeks, but soon I will have some time to sit and organize. I will post pics of events and workshops that have been held at the farm as well as keeping a pictorial blog of what’s happening in Hawaii this winter. There will be a place for your comments too as we always love to here about your experiences at Sticks and Stones, and for those of you who have walked the woods with camera in hand, please send along some of your favorite shots.