Meet Us

Annie and Tim

TIM CURRIER, owner of Sticks and Stones East in Newtown CT and Sticks and Stones West in Pahoa Hawaii

Tim is a Master Stone Mason that has worked with stone for 35 years all over the world. Majoring in archeology in college, his love of both stone and travel took him to Malaysia with a two-year stint in the Peace Corps. He started a preschool there and also taught English to elementary age school children. While abroad he came to love and appreciate the simple lifestyles that he still practices today.

His love and respect of people, nature, and the land has allowed Sticks and Stones to remain the quiet sanctuary it is in the midst of bustling Fairfield County.

Tim teaches stonewall and container classes every other month at Sticks and Stones in Newtown June through November. He has taught an apprenticeship program at the Weir Farm National Park Service, and also holds classes through the Brookfield Craft Center at Sticks and Stones Farm Retreat.

Tim has been an avid sailor spending many of his winters sailing either the Bahamas or Hawaiian waters. If Tim is not playing with sticks or stones, out walking the Newtown woods or Hawaiian jungle with Annie, you might find him practicing yoga or Pilates, meditating, or going for a bike ride. He has 3 children and 3 grandchildren.


ANNIE STIEFEL, Sticks and Stones resident Chef and Wellness Health Coach AADP, Certified Personal Trainer NASM

Annie is a graduate of the Culinary Institute of American and of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Annie owned and operated a children’s preschool working extensively with young children in and out of the kitchen for seven years and is a published author: The Month by Month Preschool Almanac, Scholastic 2004. Annie realizes the importance of staying in touch with the child within and helps her clients to tap into their early sources of joy and create a happy and fulfilling life now.

Annie is a cancer survivor who has race walked three marathons, cycled a century ride and coached for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society in Dublin, Maui and Bermuda. Surviving cancer was an experience that taught her the importance of a eating a diet of foods that are nutrient rich and truly feeds your body.

She currently works with clients, graciously supporting them with her gentle strength, warmth and humor while helping them to explore their own potential and to reach their health goals.

Annie teaches workshops on healthy cooking such as “Kicking the Sugar Blues”, “Great Grains”, “Got Kale?”, “Kids in the Kitchen” and “Beat the Breakfast Blahs”. Her five year stint as a pastry chef let her face the sugar blues challenge many times herself giving her lots of invaluable experience with how to tame the sugar cravings and preserve your health. Her passion for living a happy, healthy, meaningful life infuses her teaching with compassion and joy.

Annie resides at Sticks and Stones East in Newtown, Connecticut summer and fall, and Sticks and Stones West in Pahoa, Hawaii during the winter and spring. Annie has two children and many hobbies including creative cooking and writing, photography, yoga, Pilates, gardening, biking and travel to far away places with Tim. Annie understands how essential it is to strike a balance between work, play, creative exercise and spirituality. She helps her clients to not only create a life they love, but to also find this balance while maintaining their peak energy zone.


ETHAN CURRIER, Stone Sculptor

Ethan is the product of a unique upbringing. Growing up and attending ten schools in five states through grade school led him into a nomadic lifestyle of learning and adventure. While apprenticing with his father, Tim Currier, Ethan’s career as a sculptor began. In the beginning, Ethan’s focus was on creating stone men, whimsical figures running through the yard or practicing yoga poses. His men are filled with the sense of movement and life that have become his signature style. Ethan combined his keen eye for the natural beauty of stone, with a sense for the practical and began producing exquisite benches and tables. Form and function merged to create a new art form. A natural love of the outdoors, a desire to express himself creatively, and an endless supply of stone are the primary ingredients that have come together to make Ethan a stone sculptor with a great eye for endless possibilities.



Executive director of Two Coyotes Wilderness School, has been teaching children about nature for the past ten years.  He holds B.S degrees in both anthropology and biology and has mentored graduate students in teaching environmental education at the Yale School of Forestry.  Justin weaves nature connection with age old cultural practices and hero’s journey-based mentoring into transformational programming for both adults and children.

Justin will be brings his inspirational programs to Sticks and Stones Farm.

Programs include:

Wildwood Rangers-a monthly fantasy-based wilderness program where students pretend to be heroes in a ‘Lord of the Rings’ styled fantasy world while learning the basics of wilderness survival.

Nature Skills- a monthly day program focusing in mentoring and gaining skill in wildlife tracking, wilderness survival, and natural history.

Living Earth Summer Camps-week-long camps focusing on wilderness survival, natural history, tracking, and connecting to the natural world.

Other programs to look out for include in-school, afterschool and family programming.

For more info about Two Coyotes Wilderness School and their programs visit: