Meet Us


TIM CURRIER, owner of Sticks and Stones East in Newtown CT and Sticks and Stones West in Pahoa Hawaii

Tim is a Master Stone Mason that has worked with stone for 35 years all over the world. Majoring in archeology in college, his love of both stone and travel took him to Malaysia with a two-year stint in the Peace Corps. He started a preschool there and also taught English to elementary age school children. While abroad he came to love and appreciate the simple lifestyles that he still practices today.

His love and respect of nature and the land has allowed Sticks and Stones to remain the quiet sanctuary it is in the midst of bustling Fairfield County.

Tim has taught an apprenticeship program at the Weir Farm National Park Service, and also holds classes at Sticks and Stones Farm Retreat.

Tim has been an avid sailor spending many of his winters sailing either the Bahamas or Hawaiian waters. If Tim is not playing with sticks or stones, you might find him practicing yoga or Pilates, meditating, or going for a bike ride. He has 3 children and 3 grandchildren.



Future Generations at Sticks and Stones Farm


Many of you have heard the news that Tim is embarking on his retirement, and the passing of the torch at Sticks and Stones Farm. We are happy to welcome Ethan and Desré  back to the farm to help with this transition.

Ethan, as many of you know is Tim’s son. He is responsible for all the magical STONE SCULPTURES that you see on the farm. Ethan has lived in Seattle for the last 5 years, supporting himself with his art, building stone sculptures, as well as running a successful business detailing and varnishing yachts.

Being home again, Ethan is excited to build many more sculptures and soon you will see the collection of his outdoor art gallery grow and spread throughout the farm. Many sculptures are for sale, so be sure to speak to Ethan if you are interested. He also does personal commissions, so there are endless opportunities for you.

Desré has been very involved with Sticks and Stones farm since 2009. She first came to the farm for a Thursday evening potluck. She then participated in many of the farm workshops, and eventually committed to a residential internship for a summer and became a welcomed member of our farm family. After her internship ended she continued participating at the farm by organizing events and workshops.

Desré was introduced to Ethan in 2012 by Tim, via email from Hawaii…a story for another day :-)  She then moved to Seattle to join Ethan and they worked together on the waters of the Puget Sound.

Ethan and Desre are both super excited to be on the farm together, to live a yogic life, and to continue Tim’s life long work as caretakers of this special land for future generations at Sticks and Stones.


Justin face shot 1

JUSTIN PEGNATARO, Executive director of Two Coyotes Wilderness School

Justin has been teaching children about nature for the past ten years.  He holds B.S degrees in both anthropology and biology and has mentored graduate students in teaching environmental education at the Yale School of Forestry.  Justin weaves nature connection with age old cultural practices and hero’s journey-based mentoring into transformational programming for both adults and children.

Justin will be brings his inspirational programs to Sticks and Stones Farm.

Programs include:

Wildwood Rangers-a monthly fantasy-based wilderness program where students pretend to be heroes in a ‘Lord of the Rings’ styled fantasy world while learning the basics of wilderness survival.

Nature Skills- a monthly day program focusing in mentoring and gaining skill in wildlife tracking, wilderness survival, and natural history.

Living Earth Summer Camps-week-long camps focusing on wilderness survival, natural history, tracking, and connecting to the natural world.

Other programs to look out for include in-school, afterschool and family programming.

For more info about Two Coyotes Wilderness School and their programs visit: