“I farm a pasture where the boulders lie, As touching as a basketful of eggs…”
Robert Frost, Of the Stones of the Place

Stone Harvesting

darien_liftingAt Sticks and Stones Farm cool stone is drawn from the earth. Enhanced by the cultivation of moss, the stone develops nature’s patina– a subtle decoration. Tim Currier, a master stone mason and moss gardener, harvests stone for architectural design and unique landscape installations.

Tim is passionate for the history in the stones and delicate balance of the land that is under his care. While modern building can result in the demolition of the historic dry stone walls that are recognizable as New England landmarks, Tim carries on this ancient art. Tim not only cultivates and harvests stone, he also has long standing experience in stone crafting, preservation and restoration, including the stone walls at the Weir Farm National Historic Site. Featured in the book Good Fences: A Pictorial History of New England’s Stone Walls by William Hubbell, Tim creates dry-stone walls and also sells choice aged stone, enabling restoration of old walls and the creation of new walls that already have the patina of old stone.

Darien InstallationA new form, a new life… Visits to Sticks and Stones Farm include sculptures made from the stone harvested on the farm. Many of the sculptures are by Tim’s son, artist Ethan Currier. Stone is used to shape the land, create figures of serene yoga asanas, and mark the trails. There is no waste– Sticks and Stones Farm uses all the stone that is harvested.

Darien, CT
A millstone entrance,
gated by a larger
stone, and aged
stone path.