What's Going On At the Farm?

February 2014

POSTED: January 20th, 2014

Hello Winter!

Have you been by the farm recently?

Blanketed in snow, it is a magical land, peaceful and quiet with the woodland critters burrowed away preserving their energy and most people doing the same.

But don’t hesitate to bundle up, wear good boots and bring a walking stick and stop in to enjoy some quiet time to reflect by yourself or with friends and family,  or to soak up the earth’s season of stillness.

Hours: 8am – to Sunset

When you visit the farm please be sure that everyone signs in at our guest book each time at the big stone barn at the front table. If you have not filled out one of Liability Release Forms, or have brought guests who have not, please do so.  (We keep them on file so you only need to do once.)

We ask walkers and visitors to please contribute to our Donation Jar that helps us to continue our constant work to improve the farm,  creating a peaceful sanctuary and green environment on the 60 wooded acres as well as a gathering place for those interested in living a healthy lifestyle.

If you are bringing guests that are new to the farm please let them know that Sticks & Stones is a SMOKE, DRUG & ALCOHOL FREE FARM and we ask that all visitors respect that. There is no smoking allowed anywhere on the property.

Interested in holding a workshop, family reunion, birthday party, fundraiser, wedding or gathering of any sorts during 2014?  It is not too early to start making plans and get your pick of dates.  You can email me at anniesands@gmail.com to discuss it!

Please RSVP to any of the events below, at the facilitators number or email given.  If you specifically would like to reach Tim or I, please email us at anniesands@gmail.com.

May All Beings Be Happy,

Annie & Tim


We  have  3 weekly classes to choose from.  The classes are now being held upstairs in the main Stone Barn in our Yoga Room.

We would love to expand our Yoga offerings…if you are a Yoga Teacher, or have a favorite teacher, looking for a place to teach, (we have a wonderful bamboo floor Yoga Room in a unique farm/retreat setting), please contact Annie. (anniesands@gmail.com) 

First class FREE for new students!

Check it out below.

Wear comfortable loose clothing to all classes, bring a water bottle and a Yoga Mat if you have one.

Monday Evenings: Gentle Flow Candle Lit with Aga Chapska*

6:15-7:15 Beginner’s welcome. $15 Drop in or $10 with Class Pass (10 of Aga’s classes for $100)

Wednesday Mornings: Restorative Flow Class with Aga Chapska:

9:15-10:30  Beginner’s Welcome. Bring a mat, water bottle.

$15 Drop in or $10 with Class Pass (10 for $100 with class pass)

Wednesday Evening: Candlelit Yoga Flow with Aga 5:30-6:30

$15 Drop in or $10 with Class Pass (10 of Aga’s classes for $100)

*Aga Chapska  As a student of yoga for over 10 years, Aga decided it was time to put all the knowledge to work, and become a teacher of yoga.  Aga graduated 200 YTT in 2010 at Community Yoga Center in Hamden CT  and in 2013 graduated 500 YTT at Himalayan Institute in PA, both in Hatha Para Yoga lineage.  Aga also holds an Ayurvedic Specialist degree from Himalayan Institute.  Her yoga classes are a blend of Hatha Para Yoga and Ayurveda teachings. Aga may be reached at: 203-559-9656

March 26th (2nd and 4th Wednesdays)

April 9th and 23rd

Sticks and Stones IMPROV Games 7-8:30 $10

Come and play with silly voices, scenes and laughs. No Experience Necessary.

Adults Only (Upstairs In the “Shoes Off” Yoga Room, wear comfy socks)  RSVP 203-258-40

Saturday April 5th 2:30-5pm


Don’t Miss It.

Early spring shoots and greens are in season now. We’ll be looking for chickweed, which tastes like corn-on-the-cob; daylily shoots, which taste like Chinese food; dandelion greens, which are very savory with a touch of bitter; hairy bittercress, which tastes like watercress; mild-flavored shepherd’s purse, lemony sheep sorrel, and garlic flavored field garlic and garlic mustard.

Sassafras, which tastes like root beer, grows in the woods, and mullein, a traditional herb tea for coughs, grows in the woods.

The farm is a great place for root vegetables, all of which are in season now. We’ll be digging up wild carrots, a white subspecies that’s more chewy than commercial carrots, and ideal for soups, cakes, and cookies, where it retains its texture.

Common evening primrose, a white root that’s pink on top, provides plenty of flavor, plus an okra-like thickening effect, to soups and stews, although it’s excellent in grain dishes too, with a sweet and peppery flavor.

Ubiquitous burdock grows here too. The potato and artichoke-flavored taproot’s wonderful in soups, stews, casseroles, and grain dishes.

If there’s been lots of rain beforehand, we may also find the year’s first wild mushrooms. Oyster mushrooms, enoki mushrooms, and tree ears sometimes come up at this time of year.

Bring a water bottle, a tote or nap sack for collecting, paper bag for mushrooms and a small trowel if you own one.

Please wear mosquito and tick repellant if so inclined.

The 2-1/2 hour tour of at Sticks and Stones Farm begin at 2:30 PM

The fee is $25/adult, $10/child under 12.

RSVP~ Call (203) 270-8820 at least 24 hours ahead to reserve a place.

April 7th

Sticks and Stones Farm “Expression Mondays East”

8-10pm $10

1st Monday each month. Bring your dance, music, poetry, writings, passions to a safe and supportive environment. Let it flow. Upstairs in “No shoes” Yoga room, wear comfy socks. Facilitator Leah Joy Pearson RSVP please.

203-258-4089 or leahjoyp@yahoo.com

Thursday April 1oth

Ukulele Club

6:30-8:30  Donation.

Come Strum and Have FUN with other lover’s of the Ukulele.
Uncle Zak “the Uke Guy” will be facilitating.
Come prepared to have fun jamming, singing and making music as we share knowledge and learn.
Uke not necessary, just let us know when you RSVP to Uncle Zac at 203-219-2230
(Uke club is now being held upstairs in the heated Yoga Room, but Please wear warm socks, as no shoes are worn in the Yoga Room)



It’s that time of year already~ REGISTRATION TIME!

Don’t miss out enrolling your children in one of the highlights of their 2014 Spring and Summer!!!

Check it out and call Justin if you want more information: 203-843-3112

Two Coyotes Spring Break Camp, Newtown

Looking for a wild adventure this Spring Break?  Learn ancient wilderness survival skills and discover your inner strength.  Learn about nature by getting dirty and coming nose to nose with the mysteries of the forest.  Learn how to build fires, understand the secret language of the birds, make survival shelters and how to live off of the wild bounty of edible spring plants.  Play games and meet new friends at our fun and unique spring break camp experience.

Monday-Friday; April 14-18

9 am-3pm

Age Group: 5-7, 8-12


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Homeschool Programs

Coyote Village for Homeschoolers

Embark on an adventure of learning into the forest and heart.  Coyote Village is a wilderness-based mentoring program that helps raise healthy and connected children in a community setting.  Students learn ancient wilderness survival skills, awareness, and naturalist skills while developing character and exploring their unique gifts.

Past students have build and slept in survival shelters, made fire by rubbing sticks together, tracked coyotes, made stone tools and so many more fun projects.  Over the course of our program, students develop qualities such as leadership, team building, emotional intelligence, resilience, confidence, expression, service, integrity and other foundational aspects of good character.  Join our village and step into wild adventures in nature.

Dates: Thursdays; March 13, 20, 27, April 3, 10, 24, May 1, 8, 15, 29


Age Group: 5-7, 8-12


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Fire Keepers Advanced Teen Homeschool Program

In the wilderness, we live life to the fullest. Nature contains wild adventures that test and prepare teens for life. In it there are opportunities to explore and create, and space for silence and reflection. Discover your true nature through our Teen Fire Keeper program. In this hands-on program, past students have learning ancient crafts like building a bow, crafting bowls, baskets, leather and many other projects. Each semester is filled with different wilderness projects and adventures. Embark on a truly wild experience and make deep friendships with people who share your passion. Stoke your inner fire, become a teen fire keeper!

Dates: Fridays; March 14, 21, 28, April 4, 11, 25, May 2, 9, 16, 30


Age Group:13-17


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Early Childhood and Parent Programs

Coyote Pups, “mom and me program”

Want your children to have the experience of growing up in a village?  Join us for our Coyote Pups parent and child program where you and your little one can explore and learn about nature together. Meet families who share your love of nature and enjoy the community and friendships that form.  Children in the program range from infant to five years old.  Over the course of the day we sing songs, play games, create art, listen to stories, explore the forest, harvest wild feasts & much more!

Dates: Wednesdays; March 12, 19, 26 April 2, 9, 23, 30, May 7, 14, 21


Age Group: children 1-5 and caregiver.

$295 for 1 child and +$50 for each child over 12 months old.

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After School Programs

Wilderness Wednesdays

Looking for a fun and unique after school program? Wilderness Wednesday weaves adventure, fun and learning about nature into a great way to unwind after school. Our adult mentors create powerful experiences that inspire passion for nature and build good character. This is the one program your child will be talking about all week!

Time: 4-5:30pm

Wednesday, March 12, 19, 26,

April 2, 9, 23, 30, May 7, 14, 21

Ages: 5-7 and 8-12


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Children and Teen Weekend Programs

Wildwood Rangers

Rangers are the eyes and ears of a kingdom.  part guardians and part spies they protect the realm from harm.   unlike warriors, rangers rely on stealth and cunning to outwit their foes.  Apprentice rangers become adept at moving through the forest invisibly, tracking wildlife, surviving in the wild, swordsmanship, creating herbal remedies, and in their marksmanship with a bow.

Sundays, March 23, April 6 & May 18


Age Group: 9-14


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Wildwood Adventurers

From the eyes of a child the world is filled with magic. Wildwood Adventures is a imaginary journey into the kingdom of wildwood. A place of castles, fairies, goblins and adventure! Over the course of the class, our young adventurers embark on heroic quests to help their kingdom. One day they might be sent to find the wintergreen flower at the top of thunder mountain to cure the Queen’s headache, or to free a fairy from a mean troll.

Wildwood Adventurers is a companion program to Wildwood Rangers. While the program is similiar, it is designed for younger children and does not have a boffer sword fighting component.

March 23, April 6 & May 18


Age Group: 5-8


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Earth Daughters, Newtown

In an all female setting, our Earth Daughters program provides a safe space for girls to develop a deep sense of self, gently guided by supportive women mentors. Together we will create a journey of empowerment, self awareness, and deep nature connection.

Connect with the heartbeat of mother earth and your own inner gifts!  Amongst her magic and abundance, we will go on many woodland adventures to learn mother natureʼs secrets. Our monthly gatherings will include songs, games, journaling, fire making, storytelling, tree climbing, wild edibles, herbal remedies, exploration, a variety of ʻwildʼ crafts and earth based projects and much more.

Sun,march 23; Sun, April 6; Sat, May 3; Sun, Sun, May 18; Sun, June 1


Ages: 10-14


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Sunfire Boys

There is a fire inside of boys.  Sunfire boys help boys to harness their inner fire. This mentoring program teaches the importance brotherhood, good conduct, responsibility, and leadership.  It helps boys to connect to their emotions and nurture their gifts.  Sunfire boys experience adventures that will test their skills and perseverance.  They learn how to survive in the wild and develop skills and abilities that give confidence and independence while also learning to be part of team.  Past classes have included archery, carving spoons and bowls, making leather, making fire by rubbing sticks together, building shelters, wildlife tracking and many more skills.

Saturdays; March 29, April 19, May 17


Ages: 10-14


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